Title Examinations & Clearance

Title Examinations and Clearance
The importance of proper title examination and clearance cannot be over stated.

In Georgia, the title to real property is the means or the evidence by which an owner establishes rights in land. A good and marketable title is one that is legally sufficient and free from reasonable doubt of defects. It is a title that a prudent buyer would accept and pay fair market value for.

No one should ever buy real estate without receiving some assurance that the title to the real estate is satisfactory. Similarly, no lender should never give a loan using real estate as collateral without obtaining some guarantee of good title.

Many things that can affect the quality of title including security deeds, restrictive covenants, condominium declarations, easements, unresolved litigation, affidavits and unpaid liens or taxes. This list is merely a sample.

At Smith Cavin & Corbin we have decades of experience clearing titles in Georgia. A thorough examination of title protects both buyers and sellers, and remains a must in all transactions conveying real property.