Commercial Real Estate

Title Commercial Real Estate
We assist clients with the purchase, sale and leasing of commercial real estate.

Smith Cavin & Corbin is well-known for its residential real estate law practice, but the firm also handles the commercial needs of many clients.

We represent purchasers and sellers in real estate transactions involving commercial property, whether it's retail, office and/or mixed use. We know proper documentation is critical to ensuring the success of any commercial loan.

Commercial real estate transactions require complex documents, often involving significant negotiation between parties. Land use, zoning laws and environmental issues must be thoroughly considered and reviewed before signing any legal documents.

Further, our firm assists clients in litigation matters arising from commercial real-estate transactions, enabling us to serve all your commercial needs from start to finish.

At Smith Cavin & Corbin we understand that the success of your commercial transaction often hinges on our attention to even the most minute of details.