Why you need a Survey

A survey is a physical examination of your property designed to determine the dimensions and the location of any improvements, easements or encroachments. If you are purchasing new construction please check with your builder – they may require that you purchase a survey as a condition of the contract. If you are purchasing a resale or if you builder does not require a survey, you may still want to seriously consider purchasing one on your own.

Purchasers sometimes mistakenly believe that since they are buying new construction there will not be any encroachment issues. Builders often unwittingly create driveway encroachments during construction that are revealed by a survey. Building setback violations are also frequently caused by builders and exposed with a survey.

Even if your subdivision plat is recorded at the county courthouse, you might still need a survey. The subdivision plat only shows the boundary lines of the lots and the placement of setbacks and easements. It does not display the boundary lines of your house on your lot.

Purchasers of fee simple townhouses sometimes incorrectly assume that a survey is not necessary. Remember that townhouses can just as easily be built in violation of setback requirements or encroaching upon easements.

A survey is highly recommended so that you will know in advance of closing of any potential issues. Also, your owner’s title insurance may not protect you against certain survey issues if you do not obtain a survey at closing.

Surveys are prepared by professional, licensed surveyors pursuant to industry standards. The typical cost of a survey is $450.00 but the actual cost depends on the size and complexity of the property.

Please let us know at least one week in advance of closing if you would like for us to order a survey for you. This allows time to address any problems, pursuant to your contract with the seller, a survey might reveal.

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